The ultra compact van

This fitted van is ideal for going anywhere, anytime and is discreet enough to be used for everyday driving. For your leisure outings, it has everything: kitchen corner, living room, bathroom and double bed, 5.41 m of pleasure for two. For everyday use, the rear bed can be raised to provide more space and the living room becomes a bench with two safety belts for four travelers.

Strong points

  • Bathroom with window
  • Refrigerator in low position
  • Rear removable bed
4 2/3 4 5.41


Sahara* Road Line Premium & Road Line VIP
Noir – Fiat* Road Line Premium & Road Line VIP
Campovolo* Road Line Premium & Road Line VIP
Gris acier* Road Line Premium & Road Line VIP
Anthracite – Fiat* Road Line Premium & Road Line VIP
Blanc – Fiat


Hermitage Road Line Premium
Okasha Road Line VIP
Trendy First Line


Pescara Road Line Premium
Bergamo Road Line VIP
Napoli First Line
* Option


Road Line Vip

more features

Starting from 43990 €

Votre offre de crédit :
  • Engine 140 HP
  • Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
  • Maxi cab
  • Cab seat covers with matching cushions
  • Heating using vehicle fuel digitally programmed and used while on the road
  • Large sliding kitchen drawers
  • Rear additional storage (depending on model)
  • Wardrobe
  • Flyscreen door
  • Bathroom with window and folding partition (depending on model)
  • Electric step
  • Lighting on the outside
  • VPS insulation


Road Line Premium

more sophistication

Starting from 48490 €

Votre offre de crédit :
  • Coded front bumper
  • Folding rearview mirrors
  • Day Running Lights LED (DRL)
  • Fog lamps
  • Meters circled in chrome
  • Leather-encased steering wheel and gearshift
  • Wraparound cab blinds
  • Flat windows
  • Bedsystem (depending on model)
  • Extra LED lighting
  • Extra mirror
  • Wooden shower duck board
  • Premium kitchen countertop
  • Premium furniture and fabrics
  • Premium outside decoration